What are the Benefits of Shape Therapy?

The word “shape” is derived from the Old English “scapian” meaning to shape, fashion, or form. Shape can be defined as an external form that is created by the spatial relations of its parts. We perceive shape through our senses and it can be seen as a two-dimensional representation of three-dimensional objects.

Shape has been studied for centuries and there are many different types of shapes that have been identified including: geometric shapes, organic shapes, and abstract shapes. Geometric shapes are usually defined by their lengths and angles such as squares, circles, triangles, etc. Organic shapes are more complex than geometric ones because they cannot be described by a few measurements but instead they must be sensed with our eyes or hands such as trees or animals. Abstract shapes are those that do not

Shape is a word with many meanings. It can refer to the outline of an object or the shape of something as in a shape of a letter. It can also refer to the general form or contour of something.

A shape is defined as “a three-dimensional object bounded by one or more line segments that connect two or more points, and whose interior is usually (but not always) different from its exterior”.

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