Microsoft Flight Simulator: X Steam Edition

There was once a time when the Steam platform was just a baby and it was merely clawing at perimeter of the gaming industry. Fast-forward 12 years and Steam holds the lion's share of the digital distribution market, and what better simulation experience to have on this platform than the king of flying games - Microsoft's Flight Simulator X?

  • X Plane

    X Plane

    If you're tired of heading to your PC to load up the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator in order to get your hyper-realistic flying kicks then it's time to turn to your mobile device - X-Plane is a multi-platform flight sim from Laminar Research that can bring you some of the best flying scenarios outside of Microsoft's long-running series or even flying an actual plane.

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  • Digital Combat Simulator World

    Digital Flight Combat Simulator World

    Flight Simulators have come a long way in the past few decades. The original Flight Simulator from Microsoft would make most young gamers today scoff due to their basic graphics, but to see how far gaming has come one only needs to look at DCS World; a Flight Combat Simulator game that populates an already healthy-looking genre that has many decent titles within it.

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  • Web Games

    Play web flight games online where you can control and fly planes and other objects in the air such as a penguin in Learn to Fly 1, 2 and 3. Also pilot planes in TU 95 and TU Unleashed