Learn to Fly 3 Game

Build your spaceship from scratch, earn funds and invest them into building a bigger, better spaceship as you try and fly your way up to space!

It Has Finally Arrived!

The previous Learn to Fly titles were all about the horizontal launches. That is, the main premise was that you are a penguin whose sole purpose it is to slide down and up off the edge of a ramp in order to see how far you can make it; altitude was merely a by-product of your efforts. The onus has shifted somewhat in Learn to Fly 3, whose story mode has you carrying out dead-start launches whilst utilising various hardware components to get as much altitude, air time, and velocity as possible. Don’t worry: this new emphasis on vertical penguin antics is just as addictive as in previous titles, and what’s more, you get to unlock an unprecedented quantity of hardware, passive enhancements, customisations, and even a classic mode that has you horizontal-launching once more!

Consistent Gameplay

The game offers up launch-based gameplay based largely on that of its predecessors. Your goal is to launch a penguin, who has been told by his critics that he’s still too large to make it to the moon, all the way into space. As has always been the case in the Learn to Fly games (and launch games in general), the main crux of the fun here is in the ability to purchase upgrades that slowly improve your multi-component launch device. The device has several parts: the launcher itself, the body, the “stages” (basically sections that apply upwards thrust to the penguin), and boosts. Each of these components possesses various attributes like upwards thrust and weight; components are purchased with money that is earned after each launch.

Your primary goal here is to attain the highest altitude possible with the hardware available. You earn a quantity of cash that is proportional to the height you attain, as well as the length of time you spend in the air and other factors like your maximum velocity achieved in each launch. There’s a certain amount of strategic upgrading involved in your progress as well, since some launchers work better with certain bodies, and factors like the total weight of your vehicle directly affect the effectiveness of many of the components that apply upwards thrust.

The main difference when comparing this version's gameplay to Light Bringer’s other Learn to Fly games is that the launch taking place in Story Mode is vertical rather than horizontal. However, you do get to unlock “classic mode” which involves the kind of launch you see in Learn to Fly 2. You also have Payload mode where you launch with various weights attached to you, and sandbox mode is also available if you progress far enough.

More Content Than Ever

Veterans and new players alike will revel in the gameplay, but what really stands out here is the quantity of content available. You’ve got dozens of components to choose from, ranging from a powder cannon launcher to a large-scale nuclear reactor. The stages on offer also vary greatly, with various rockets and boosters available for purchase. You also earn Bonus Points for achieving certain milestones, and these can be spent on purchasing customisation options (music, HUD, the look of your character) as well as passive upgrades that benefit things like the quantity of money you earn or the thrust of your hardware. The fact you have four different modes to unlock also increases the replay value of the game considerably.


It would be a mistake to enter into this game expecting the kind of polished gameplay you’d find in big-budget launch-style games like Sonic Jump or the much-anticipated Mirror’s Edge. However, Learn to Fly 3 brings more of the same humour-driven storyline and addictive, upgrade-centric gameplay that we’ve come to expect from the Light Bringer’s brilliant series. A few bugs exist here and there (these are pointed out by the developers themselves) and gameplay can get repetitive if you’re not already a fan of the genre, but overall, LF3 is everything one could hope for in a second sequel, plus a serious amount of content to boot.

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