Jet Car Stunts 3 Android Review

Jet Car Stunts 3 Android

A proposal of suggestions for the sequel contained within a discussion from a long-term fan

Succinctness in Introduction

Rambling introductions suck: I’m all about succinctness when it comes to great game series like Jet Car Stunts. What began as a project with humble beginnings and a team of just 3 initial developers has turned into the immensely popular Jet Car Stunts series, and having exhausted the fun of Jet Car Stunts 2, I’m also all about looking to the future. This is a discussion of Jet Car Stunts 3, a prospective sequel that, were it to go on to never exist, would cause much upset and dismay amongst fans of the high-speed, jet-car/platform-game hybrid.

A mixture of proposals for new features as well as a discussion of how the developers could improve the current ones in the series, this Jet Car Stunts 3 article hopes to lay down a potential framework that would, were it to be implemented, result in the greatest Jet Car Stunts game yet.

Lose Control

One of the main complaints I have about Jet Car Stunts 2 is that it’s just too easy to lose control, particularly in mid-air segments of gameplay. It’s a mixture of tilt controls that a perhaps not sensitive enough and the nature of the tilt controls in the first place, resulting in some tracks being extremely difficult to complete without twisting and jerking your phone until it becomes very difficult to keep an eye on the screen.

What I would propose for Jet Car Stunts 3 is a few addition control mechanics to fine-tune in-air movements. Increased sensitivity for in-air movement would reduce the quantity of violent phone movement necessary to keep control of the vehicle, while a dedicated in-air movement arrows would be a welcome addition, and would certainly save the violent twisting and general contorting of fingers and hands currently required to make the more difficult jumps in Jet Car Stunts 2.

Two-Wheel Drive

While the original vehicles in the series have been very impressive, an increased level of choice would be welcomed in Jet Car Stunts 3. One of the main directions in which I can see Jet Car Stunts 2 going is the addition of motorbike, or perhaps even some futuristic-looking 3-wheeled bikes. There could even be the possibility of heavier vehicles like futuristic trucks, tankers, and juggernauts.

Regardless of the vehicles themselves, the important factor here is diversity, and not in the overly-liberal liberal sense, but in the “I want lots more vehicles of varying types, looks, and handling capabilities. We don’t need the kind of detail of the level of Highway Rider or Super Trucks Racing, but more vehicular variety wouldn’t go a miss.

Barrier of Difficulty

I’d certainly conclude that the relatively high levels of difficulty in Jet Car Stunts’ tracks need to be looked at, since it’s off-putting for casual players to be consistently unable to break past the ultra-difficult tracks of the game. The quantity of levels and high difficulty of many of the tracks is definitely off-putting for more casual gamers. Perhaps this feeds into the relative lack of control felt when in mid-air (mixed with need to jerk the phone around in an attempt to around to maintain control of the car), but it would be a good idea for the developers to make some of the more difficult tracks a little more accessible, since some of them are rage-quit worthy to say the least.

Not A Looker

Though the flat-cell shading of the tracks in Jet Car Stunts gives the series a unique look, I can’t help but feel that the graphics are a little outdated, considering the capabilities of mobile-device hardware in 2016. The skyscapes are still great, but the tracks themselves feel like they lack texture and depth, while vehicles would look much more impressive with greater graphics detail. When you’ve got games like Asphalt 8 looking as gorgeous as they do, a glance at the Jet Car Stunts series makes it look like a steaming piece of flat-shaded garbage in comparison.

A Much-Needed MOT

Finally, some of the engine noises in Jet Car Stunts 2 currently sound like poorly-maintained lawnmowers in their final moments of functioning. Improvements are needed not only in the sound effects themselves, but also in the sound levels upon accelerating/decelerating. Perhaps this is a sound-mixing issue, but when accelerating, it feels as some of the car sounds, particularly the F1-style car, sound extremely artificial and as if someone is simply pressing an “engine sound” button repeatedly, with no consideration to the attack and the decay of the sounds. Improvements in the sound effects would generally make Jet Car Stunts 3 a much more well-rounded game.