Web Games

Play web flight games online where you can control and fly planes and other objects in the air:

2D Flight Sims

Pilot planes in TU 95, TU 46, TU Unleashed. Both games represent a fun 2d experience to play in your web browser and have racked up 10's of millions of plays since being released.

2D War Sims

Flying a spitfire in WWII is probably the most common and fun type of 2D or for that matter 3D flight combat sim available to players. Countless titles have been made about the Battle of Britain. Battle of Britain 303 Squadron does a good job of bringing this climatic event to a 2D plain.

Learn to Fly Games

Piloting an flightless emperor penguin is probably the most bizarre flight game you would likely play but this series of games are surprisingly fun and unique to play. See how far you can fly horizontally by defying the laws of gravity with various upgrades to aid you in your quest to become the first flightless bird to fly! Play Learn to Fly 1, Play No. 2 and Play No. 3 Here